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Strategic Business Planning

Strategic planning is essential for ensuring a bright future. DS Schneider Group, LLC in Williamston, Michigan, helps both create your plan and effectively execute your plan.

Business Plans

Whether you have an existing business plan or not, we provide invaluable services. We help you develop comprehensive plans or review existing plans to ensure your strategies are both executable and competitive. Our strategic planning services include marketing strategies and operational strategies and are valuable at any stage of your company's development. Our clients make use of our services:

• Annually/ Multi-Year Strategic
• During Business Downturns
• Growth Strategies
• Business Restructuring

• Post M&A Actions
• Multi-year Capital
• Human Resources

• Systems/Technology
• Business Cycle Strategies
• Strategic Supplier

Globalization Strategies

Businesses must successfully compete globally to enhance future growth. Global markets represent both big challenges and opportunities. Given the dynamic nature of the global marketplace, many times, prior decisions are no longer valid. We can help identify new opportunities like nearshoring that help you maintain your competitive edge. We help you identify your target market and create detailed implementation plans.

Strategic Planning

Identify/Optimize Total Cost

Both large and small enterprises must both understand and optimize their total cost to serve their markets. Our Management Operating System (MOS) focuses on 5 key elements, Safety, Quality, Customer Service, Cost, and Human Capital. Our MOS drives functional excellence in each of these elements with standard work processes, and KPIs to both understand the current state and optimize the future state. Our data-driven process is driven by our experienced executives to capture and understand the true total cost.

Growth Initiative Management

Strategic growth plans require a strong foundation of planning and program management to drive success. Strengthen the Brand actions supported by Market share and Market penetration initiatives. Our experienced executives can provide both expertise and change management skills to supplement in-house leadership capabilities to enhance the speed of implementation and risk management.

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